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Fenna de Jonge _edited.jpg

Fenna de Jonge (1998, Leiden) is a Dutch performance designer and maker. 
Fenna trained in Interactive Media and Design (BA) at KABK in the Hague and Performance Design (MA) at RWCMD.
Her work is across set, costume, performance, and installation. She is interested in experimentation and transforming the ordinary into imaginative forms creating rich multi-layered environments. 
Fenna is passionate about working with communities and young people. 


"Working across set, costume, performance, and installation my process is experimental and ever-evolving, transforming the ordinary through intuitive making, sustainable sourcing, and fluid collaboration. Always seeking design integrity by selecting and using authentic materials and textures, often reused or acquired second-hand, to render rich multi-layered spaces and characters that allow unexpected responses. I seek to open new dialogue and inspire action in the viewer and performer. "

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