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poster & illustration

A3 poster Enchanted pig FINAL copy.jpg

Poster design for Leeds youth opera.

Storyboard, Oma

Illustrator - Photoshop - Indesign

Oma Henny, my grandmother was one of the bravest and most humble women I grew up around. Back in 2019, I started a storyboard for her, about the stories she told us when she was younger and was living in The Hague. Working in the office from Shell, cleaning, and serving. This is a vision of her journey to work and confronting her bosses. Unfortunately, I won't be able to ask here more deeply about her resilience as a woman working in the 50ties and 60ties. But I would like to continue her bravery through some of the work I make.
Hand drawing - Photoshop

Finale one 3.jpg

Floor graphic for 1:25 model box
des. Madeleine Boyd

Cover design, Thesis

cover for Oriana, mei 2021.jpg
oriane eind poster.png


Illustrator & Indesign

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