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London Road
set & costume designer

Director Hannah Noone Musical Director Barnaby Southgate Movement Director Lucy Cullingford Stage Manager Eleanor Leaver 
Lighting designer Matthew Dean Design assistant Maisie Wolstenholme Photographer Simon Gough

RWCMD production, Shirley Bassey Studio, 2022

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"The sense of community and movement are important elements. Finding truthfulness without losing honesty. "

Instinct drawing for London Road

"The clothing was mainly sourced at charity shops and second-hand places. Given the form of this show, it was important to find the right textures and shapes, without losing the ugliness of 2006-2008. There was a thin line between overdoing it in finding the character and providing the cast with a wardrobe that felt right to the person they were portraying".

London road 1.png

1:25 model 


Character research
Character research
Character research
Character research

"A kaleidoscopic and intuitive process in which quick responses and collaboration were key.'

Hannah and I wanted this production of London Road to have a core of hope. 
It was a challenge to find the detail of reality and the importance of the visual language. It had to be raw and unpolished. 

The process shows decisions and the concept behind the set. 

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