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The Fold of Belonging
interactive installation

Royal Academy of Art
Graduation Project

Music Kyteman - Sorry
Construction Han de Jonge & Theo Braams
 Eveline Muller & Fenna de Jonge

"The fold of belonging" immerses the audience into my personal story and Indonesian heritage. 

The design is portable, with the precise fold, echoing how one's identity is carried with them, whether it is folded in their travel bag or their DNA. "The fold of belonging' is alive with delicate shifts of

light-triggered through manipulation of the foldable robotic controller to illuminate the Batik motifs and the narration.

Our mother told us a lot about our Grandfather and our Indonesian family. But I could always feel there was a sensitivity, a part of the history that wasn’t spoken of. I felt the need to talk about how this influences our childhood and our future. As a third-generation, I think it is also up to us to keep our identity and heritage alive. By making work about what influenced me, and how I feel, I am trying to find a way to shape my argumentation and continue learning about colonial history, and what it means to be Indisch. 


"Collaborative work with my mom and father, using Batik as technique, and a sensor for the interactivity part".

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