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An Enemy of the People
set & costume designer


Conceptual design
Digital model

Reading the script, I imagined the spaces where the dialogue happened were floating. Characters are bound to their ideals and beliefs. The vulnerability that came from the poetic lines inspired me to think about a way that makes the space the characters were living in alive. Were power dynamics and social structures move alongside shape and light. 
I was looking for a way where the characters were lost in desolated spaces. Through light, charted the characters changing emotions and a reaction to the topic of the scene. Small movements and words have a direct impact on its surrounding. Yet, the hope that comes with the good and bad of people. Where mistakes and worries are shared and have the potential to transform a community.
I was curious to find a way where I could make the surrounding breathing and could become a character itself.  

NEW 2.png
Instinct drawing

"You see how the light filters downward at that angle? It's beautiful ... don't you think?" (line from the text)

NEW 3.png
Instinct drawing

"Everything may be extraordinary Peter. Or everything may be ordinary. It might all be a trick of the light ... " 

(line from the text)

Research book, An enemy of the people, Fenna de jonge 2021_Page_62.jpg
Costume drawings


, An enemy of the people, Fenna de jonge 2021_Page_65_edited

"In this process, the words that hold a feeling for the light became the leading factor for space".

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